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Upcoming Events for 2023

PALPRAC Webinar Series 2023:

The PALPRAC Webinar Series is available to PALPRAC Members, and registration is open on our Membership ‘self-serve’ platform.

Please log in and register for the event via the events page on your Membership homepage.

Login to your PALPRAC Membership profile, select register for an event, and select the events you would like to attend.  

  • 28 March: A study to identify the burden of non-communicable disease on a private ambulance service and if there is a need for palliative care provision in the prehospital healthcare sector, presented by Linley Holmes. REGISTER HERE
  • 10 May: How to be a mentor with Keith Fairhurst. REGISTER HERE
  • 19 July: Master’s Research with Bradley Parsons. REGISTER HERE
  • 13 September: Master’s Research [TBC] REGISTER HERE
  • 8 November: Shared decision-making and difficult conversations with colleagues. REGISTER HERE
Members can access recordings of ALL PALPRAC Webinar Series via our MEMBERSHIP PLATFORM, login here.   Complete the questionnaire  under CPD/General Articles and earn CPD points – on completion, please let the PALPRAC team know at

PALPRAC PalliCHAT Conversations are CPD accredited discussion forums available to our PALPRAC Members free of charge, healthcare professionals are invited to join these informative discussion panels at a fee of R50. 

Please note that you have to register a  PALPRAC PROFILE before registering for any of these events. If you have a PALPRAC profile, register here for a session.

TOPICS for 2023:
  • 23 February 2023:  Back to basics: wound care – what are the options?  Presented by Deniscka Uys.
  • 23 May 2023:  Respecting Miracles.  Panel discussion  Dr Andre Killian (minister, coach and counsellor), Ilana Killian (social worker), Lauren Smith (social worker), and Dr Nosisa Matsiliza (palliative care doctor).  REGISTER HERE
  • 20 April 2023:  The intersection of palliative care and ethics service by Dr Shannon Odell. REGISTER HERE
  • 25 May 2023:   Ethics case presentation by Dr Shannon Odell.  REGISTER HERE
  • 15 June 2023:  Hoping for the best, planning for the rest. What are some of the practical details patients and families need to think of?  Presented by Linda Greef. REGISTER HERE
  • 27 July 2023:  Back to Basics: Opiod prescription in cancer adults and children.   Presented by Maggie de Swardt & Lyndall Gibbs. REGISTER HERE
  • 24 August 2023:   Ethics case (paediatric specific) Presentation by Dr Julia Ambler. REGISTER HERE
  • 28 September 2023:   Back to basics:  nutrition and hydration at the end of life. Presented by Dr Susan de Bruin and Nicky Browne. REGISTER HERE
  • 26 October 2023:   Preparing children for the loss of a loved one. Presentation by Tracey Brand. REGISTER HERE
  • 21 November 2023:   Ethics case presentation by Dr Shannon Odell. REGISTER HERE

Members will be able to access recordings of ALL PALPRAC PalliCHATs via our MEMBERSHIP PLATFORM, login here.

Previous webinars available to members

PALPRAC Members will be able to access recordings of ALL PALPRAC Webinars and PalliCHAT Series via the library on our membership platform – login here.  


PALPRAC Webinar Series:  a reminder that members can also earn CPD points, but accessing general articles and completing the webinar questionnaire.  

26.10.2022 – Serious illness conversation with Zulu speaking cancer patients – Dr Louise Walker

07.09.2022 – Palliative care needs of drug-resistant tuberculosis patients

20.07.2022 – Feasibility of integrating palliative care into primary care for patients with COPD in Cape Town

01.06.2022 – Understanding the experience of adolescent|young adults with cancer in a Norther Cape health setting.

23.02.2022 – PATZ demonstration – Dr Shannon Odell

PALPRAC PalliCHAT Series:  recordings are available for members to view. 

20.10.2022 – Sexuality within the context of palliative care – Petra Burger

29.09.2022 – The Grief Journal – Bridget McNulty

25.08.2022 – Dignity – a South African perspective – Raksha Balbadhur

28.07.2022 – Caring for the Carer – Kelly du Plessis

23.06.2022 – Adolescence in palliative care  

11.05.2022 – Your story, my story and medical history somewhere in the middle – Dawne Garish

28.04.2022 – The role of spirituality in palliative care – Fr Richard Bauer

23.03.2022 – The role of palliative care during a pandemic – Dr Craig Howes


PALPRAC Webinar Seriesrecordings are available for members to view. 

24.11.2021 – Withdrawal of ventilatory support

04.08.2021 – Nutrition and its complexities in advance dementia,

26.05.2021 – Motor neurone disease

24.03.2021 – Palliative Sedation

27.01.2021 – Palliative care and chronic kidney disease

PALPRAC PalliCHAT Seriesrecordings are available for members to view. 

02.12.2021 – The role of the pharmacist in palliative care.

04.11.2021 – Introducing the role of physiotherapy & occupational therapy in palliative care.

07.10.2021 – The role of social workers in palliative care

09.09.2021 – Mindfulness based stress reduction


Covid-19 – What you need to know about palliative care.

Covid-19 – What you need to about palliative care – lessons learned.