Back to basic. Wound care, what you need to know.

What is that smell?

Why does it ooze so much?

How often is a dressing change needed?

Which product do I use and when?

Let’s talk back to basic wound care.

Denischka Uys is a Registered Nurse who worked on cruise ships for three years after being qualified and gaining further experience in the ICU setting. Having worked abroad offered the insight that there is much more to patient care than just the hospital setting.   Denischka returned home and further her studies in advanced wound care and lymphoedema. Dr. Hughes sparked her interest in palliative care while working at a rehab facility and so her palliative care journey began.

“Of all the courses I have done the palliative care course has broadened my skills and interest in the patient as a whole and not just the hole in the patient and I would recommend it to any healthcare worker.”


Denischka completed her diploma in palliative medicine at UCT and currently works as an advanced wound care practitioner in a private practice in Cape Town.

🗓 23 February 2023 ⏰ 5 – 6 pm