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Join PALPRAC today and become a vital part of our mission to enhance access to Palliative Care for all South Africans. PALPRAC leads the charge nationally, advocating for equitable access to palliative care through robust frameworks, care standards, and technical support. Through collaborative networks, including organisational membership at APCA, we empower healthcare providers with training, mentorship, and invaluable connections.

As a non-profit organisation, we rely heavily on our members and network of palliative care providers to secure funding, enabling us to uphold and advance our critical goals. Your membership not only strengthens our community but also directly contributes to realising our vision of comprehensive palliative care for all. Join PALPRAC today and make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients and families across South Africa.
The following membership options are available, with details of benefits and criteria in the tables below:

Full Membership (Doctors)
Full Membership (Nurses, Social Workers and other Allied healthcare professionals)
Associate Membership
Palliative Medicine Student Membership (current Post Graduate Diploma in Palliative Medicine or APCC Certificate in Palliative Nursing students)
Junior Membership

Membership Benefits
Membership Criteria

If you do not qualify for any of the above PALPRAC membership types, please still consider joining the wider Palliative Care Community, which can be achieved via two community profile types:

PALNET Connector
PallyPal (please send an email to should you wish to be added as a contact)

Palliative Care Community Benefits
Palliative Care Community Criteria