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Our Objectives

PALPRAC’s primary objective is to improve the quality of life of those patients and families facing a serious illness through expert medical care

Access for Patients
  • Patient awareness and access to information on Palliative Care and associated services.
  • Patient access to Palliative Medical teams in South Africa.
  • Patient access to care as described by Universal Healthcare Coverage. Access to this care should not be a financial burden to patients or their families.
Access for Professionals
  • Professional access to Palliative Care training material & opportunities via the PALRAC membership platform.
  • Professional peer support and mentorship through the PALPRAC network.
  • Professional advocacy through active networking and collaboration, ensuring of integration of Palliative Care into all medical disciplines.
Access for Healthcare Systems
  • Access to Palliative Care Specialists through the recognition of Palliative Medicine as a (sub) speciality.
  • Access to appropriate funding in both state and private healthcare sectors, through engagement with schemes, regulators and the Department of Health, to adopt innovative solutions.
  • Access advocacy through active no to strategic partnerships within the healthcare system and civil society who support the mission.
  • Access to Palliative Care Services through the development of innovative service models that can be duplicated.