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South African Organisations that provide  support


Palliative Care for Children South Africa

To ensure the right of every child to access quality palliative care in South Africa.

To mobilise and support a sustainable network of individuals, organisations, professionals and caregivers to provide palliative care for children and their families from diagnosis to bereavement as an essential component of Universal Health Coverage.


The Association of Palliative Care Centres

To promote quality in life, dignity in death and support in bereavement for all living with a life-threatening illness by supporting members and partner organisations.


CANSA’s Care and Support

CANSA connects people facing cancer with information, day-to-day help, as the emotional support they need in the communities where they live. There is a lot of helpful information on their website.


Lymphoedema Support

Lymphoedema is swelling caused by blockages in the body’s lymphatic system. It results in uncomfortable swelling of arms and legs. This can have a major impact on one’s quality of life. 

Find a qualified professional to assist on the LAOSA website.


Dementia Support

DementiaSA is a leading authority on all forms of dementia in South Africa.

Visit their website for information about support groups, practical advice and learning opportunities.

MND:ALS association

MND/ALS support

The Motor Neuron Disease Association of South Africa aims to provide and promote the best possible support for people living with MND by offering home counselling, general care, support groups and loaning of necessary equipment.

End-of-life care support


Soul Carers Network

Soul Care is about caring for the spiritual needs of people towards the end of life. Soul Carers work alongside family members and close friends, medical and palliative professionals, religious carers and others, supporting those dying by attending to the important dimension of spiritual care.

 Medical Schemes Palliative Care benefit information

The following schemes offer dedicated and comprehensive palliative care programmes in collaboration with PALPRAC members. Details of each programme can be obtained from the scheme. Your scheme will always require that preauthorisation to be part of the programme.

If your medical scheme is not listed here, please get in touch with them for more information about possible benefits. Palliative care is a PMB and should be covered by your scheme.

Please note that palliative care is offered by a team of medical professionals, depending on a patient and family’s needs. It is not the same as having trained carers under the supervision of a nursing agency in your home. 

Discovery Health Medical Scheme offers access to a comprehensive palliative programme for all advanced illnesses. This programme offers unlimited cover for approved care in the comfort of their own home or in a hospice facility.

The following Discovery Administered schemes offer similar access to comprehensive, compassionate care programmes for advanced illnesses. Contact your scheme or healthcare provider for more information.

  • Tsogo Sun
  • UKZN
  • Malcor
  • Bankmed
  • Remedi
  • Multichoice
  • Netcare
  • Retail
  • EMBF

The following Discovery Administered schemes offer similar access to comprehensive, compassionate care programmes for advanced cancer diagnosis only. Contact your scheme or healthcare provider for more information.

  • AMS
  • Anglovaal
  • Lonmin

Fedhealth has partnered with Alignd to offer members with advanced cancer extra care when they need it most. It is available to members diagnosed with advanced stage or metastatic cancer at no extra cost.

Bonitas have partnered with Alignd to offer a palliative care programme at no extra cost. Support is ongoing from the time of diagnosis of a serious cancer.

GEMS offers a Palliative Care Programme to all eligible members with advanced-stage or metastatic cancer, and their families.  The focus of the programme is to offer care which includes pain management and relief from psychosocial distress. 

Momentum Health Solutions administers the following schemes who all offer palliative care benefits to their members with advanced illnesses. For more information, click on the links or contact your scheme.

International informational links


Get Palliative Care is a website providing clear, comprehensive palliative care information for people living with a serious illness.