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Masters and PhD theses by PALPRAC members

Doctoral theses

  • Gwyther, E. 2019. How is palliative care part of the right to health? The South African evidence. Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health and Family Medicine.

Masters theses


  • Lubbe, J. 2023. ETD: A qualitative study of the experience of primary caregivers of patients receiving end of life hospice care. Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health and Family Medicine.
  • Daniels, A. 2021. Paediatric Palliative Care – describing patient needs and the experiences of caregivers and health care workers in a Cape Town Paediatric Intermediate Care Facility, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Medicine.


  • Govender, R. 2022. A determination of the prevalence of palliative care patients admitted to the Groote Schuur Hospital Emergency Centre and their Presenting Complaints. Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Medicine.


  • Mbuthini, L. 2020. The cost of providing consultative palliative care services in a tertiary hospital setting. Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health and Family Medicine.
  • Spies, L. 2020. A study to understand the experiences of adolescents and young adults living with cancer in a northern cape public health setting. Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Medicine.



  • Odell, S. 2018. A study to determine the palliative care needs of patients with drug resistant tuberculosis in the Southern sub-district of Cape Town. University of Cape Town.
  • Fourie, J. 2018. An investigation into the management of depression in patients with late-stage cancer by South African oncologists. University of Cape Town.


  • Balbadhur, R. 2017. Understanding the dignity experience and exploring the impact of dignity therapy and guided imagery on patients with advanced disease – a South African perspective. University of Cape Town.


  • Miller, D. 2015. An exploration of family members perceptions of palliative care given to dementia patients and their families in old age homes in Cape Town. University of Cape Town.
  • Fourie, A. 2015. A needs assessment for palliative care training in undergraduate students at the University of Stellenbosch. University of Cape Town.


  • Morgan, J. 2014. A prospective cohort study and evaluation of an end-of-life programme intervention in a primary health care setting. University of Cape Town.
  • Grove, J. 2014. An evaluation of the current practices followed by oncologists in private practice in Cape Town, South Africa, in the management of patients with advanced cancer which no longer responds to anticancer treatment and the identification of the needs associated with such management. University of Cape Town.


  • Loftus, C. 2012. The knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices towards palliative care of family physicians in the Boland and Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. University of Cape Town.


  • Venter, S. 2011. Investigation of the factors that impact on outcomes of HAART in patients at Tshwabe District Hospital. University of Cape Town.
  • Matthews, B. 2011. The individual context, and met and unmet palliative care needs of stage III and IV HIV/AIDS isiXhosa speaking patients in the Grahamstown hospice service. University of Cape Town.

    Farrant, L. 2011. A survey of the prevalence and burden of pain and symptoms amongst HIV positive patients attending HIV treatment clinics in the University of the Witwatersrand Academic Hospital clinics. University of Cape Town.


  • Ratshikana-Moloko, M. 2010. Knowledge, attitudes and practices of health professionals in management of pain in aids patients at Polokwane/ Mankweng Hospital complex, Limpopo Province. University of Cape Town.


  • Blanchard, C. 2009. Assessing the need for spiritual care and evaluating the usefulness of a spiritual assessment tool in a multicultural population of patients with life threatening illnesses in South Africa. University of Cape Town.


  • Stanford, J. 2005. A survey of the availability of palliative care drugs to patients served by the public sector in the Knysna Health sub-district. University of Cape Town.
  • Hellström, L. 2005. The cost, cause and place of death in patients dying with HIV/AIDS and who have access to ART. University of Cape Town.


  • De Klerk, E. 2004. The incidence of burnout in health care professionals working in Pretoria oncology centres. University of Cape Town.



Cameron, D. 2002. Palliative sedation : the development of a policy and guidelines for the use of Palliative sedation for refractory symptoms in dying patients at Sungardens Hospice, Pretoria. University of Cape Town.